Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

The Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is the perfect accessory to the coming summer months! Great value and quality – read below to find out why.

Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

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The Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is the latest paddle board from Atoll, and is essentially an updated version of their iRocker (itself a great inflatable paddle board).

Compared to the previous iRocker model, the Atoll 11’0″ Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board:

  • Is 2 inches wider than the iRocker – helping to further add stability in choppy conditions
  • Has more D rings, allowing you to lash more to the board
  • Has a new dual action Bravo SUP4 hand pump, which makes both pumping up and deflating the board a breeze, compared to the old single action pump
  • is now 8 lbs lighter, weighing only 23 lbs. With everything in the bag it’s still under 27 lbs.

This paddle board is made from Ultra Light Construction Dual layer PVC with Korean style drop stitching technology. This means – like most other inflatable paddle boards these days – it’ll take many knocks without damage. As we always mention, treat this iSUP well and it should last you many years!

The board is also fully wrapped with second layer of PVC material on the top and bottom, creating a stiff, rigid and sturdy board.

The manufacturers say the Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is 30% lighter than comparable models.

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This inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) is 6 inches (6”) thick, 32 inches (32”) wide and 11 feet (11’) long. This means it’s wide and very stable, and tracks very straight through the water for an iSUP.

Although the board is mostly flat, it does have some rocker built into the front so it handles chop and waves quite well. It’s pointy nose glides through the water easily.

In terms of maximum weight, users have tested it with riders at 340 lbs, One rider was 230 lbs at 6’2″ tall, and had no problems at all.

It takes 3-5 minutes to pump using the dual action hand pump, up to 15 psi. At about 7 PSI you’ll start to feel the pressure build. As an FYI, the valve has a lock position for deflation – do not pump the iSUP up when it’s in this position, otherwise all your pressure will be released when you pull the hose off!

There’s no need for racks on your vehicle as with traditional rigid SUP’s! Just throw the Atoll in your back seat or the trunk. It also packs away in a decent size to store in the garage or house.

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The Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board comes with pretty much everything you need to start paddle boarding the day you receive it. This includes:

  • A high-pressure Bravo dual action hand pump, that inflates while pushing down AND pulling up
  • An inflatable paddle board repair kit
  • Front and back bungee tie downs and 14 D rings
  • A heavy-duty backpack – large enough to fit pump, paddle, paddle board, and repair kit
  • A 3nd Generation Black aluminium alloy adjustable lightweight ( 2 lbs 2 ounces) 3 piece paddle with nylon blade
  • Removable extra durable center fin
  • EVA foam deck that prevents the rider from slipping and losing their balance when out on the water
  • Carry handle to help transporting to and from the water
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

The bag has 2 shoulder straps as well as a waist buckle which helps take some of the weight off your shoulders. Sounds like a simple thing but on a long beach walk or hike, that makes a huge difference.

The kayak seat that came with the previous model is no longer included. Most aftermarket seats, easily found online, fit perfectly. Atoll decided to upgrade the paddle and pump and do away with the seat, which we think is the better option.

The adjustable aluminium paddle floats.

Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Accessories

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Pros and cons


  • Many satisfied customers and reviews
  • Excellent customer service


  • Manages okay in surf conditions, but due to size cannot turn super-fast.
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Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Summary

The Atoll 11 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board really is such a safe purchase. So many positive reviews, factored with excellent customer service give you real piece of mind. The package itself is excellent, giving you everything you need to immediately start paddling.

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