The Best Inflatable SUP List for 2018

The Best Inflatable SUP List for 2016

When choosing the best inflatable SUP for you, it’s good to be able to compare different SUPs side-by-side. We’ve created an iSUP comparison table that does that, just for you!

It’s hard to say what is the best inflatable SUP for you, as we we all have different needs and requirements. What we can say for sure is you need your inflatable SUP to be durable, rock solid in (and out) the water, buoyant, and most importantly, stable.

Our Best Inflatable SUP comparison table below shows all the inflatable SUPs that have these qualities. We’ve tried to base this on both user experience and feedback, as well as overall review findings.

In saying this, it’s important that you do your own investigation as well. As we said earlier, the best inflatable SUP for us may not be the best inflatable SUP for you. You need to decide on what dimensions you require, as well as what you want included in the price – some inflatable SUP packages come with everything you need to start paddle boarding, whereas others come with the board only.

It also pays to take a look at the manufacturers warranty. Although most provide a decent returns or exchange policy, it pays to confirm you’ll be covered for any SUP that arrives damaged, or has a fault through no fault of your own.

The boards listed below are generally all good for both beginner and more experienced paddlers alike. These paddle boards will allow for a variety of uses, such as flat water paddling, Yoga, and even surfing in some cases, but if there’s something specific you want to do with your inflatable paddle board, make sure to get more information where possible.

As we come across other inflatable stand up paddle boards that fit the bill, we’ll add them to our comparison table below. Our aim is to make your purchase decision as easy as possible, so using a combination of this Best Inflatable SUP comparison table – as well as the SUP reviews on this website – you should have all the information you need.

Good luck and happy paddling!


Best Inflatable SUP Comparison Table