The Solstice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board review


Inflatable stand up paddle boards have come a long way since their inception, and more and more people are buying them over rigid paddle boards due to having better transportation and storage solutions.

The Solstice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board is no different, and could be the perfect choice if you are just starting out on a stand up paddle board, or looking to put a spare at the lake house!


Solstice Stand-Up Paddleboard - Amazon

Solstice Stand-Up Paddleboard - Amazon




The dimensions of the Solstice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board is ten foot 8 inches (10’8”) long, twenty nine point five inches (29.5”) wide, and approx. four inches (4”) thick. It comes with a removable nine inch (9”) center fin (the two side fins are permanently attached).

This inflatable stand up paddle board weights approx. 39.5 lbs (17.9kg) and pumps up to approx. 15psi.


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If you live in an apartment, or somewhere without a garage, you will be pleased to know that this inflatable stand up paddle board stores away to around thirty two inches (32”). A storage bag is also provided, although it can be difficult to put the deflated paddle board back in once you’ve attached the fins (A small leash and clip is probably the better choice, if you are going to be using it regularly). It also comes supplied with four stainless tie-downs for securing your gear whilst paddling. It has multi-layer construction, which reduces flex when paddling across water.


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The Solstice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board is made from 500 Denier 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric material, which is very durable, strong and abrasion resistant. This material is similar to what is used to make the Us Marines Modular Tactical Vests (MTV), so you know it is going to be tough! This paddle board is incredibly rigid when fully inflated.


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The package includes a carry bag, pump & gauge. The pump is not the best, but will be fine for a while, but it would pay to buy a sturdier one at some point down the track (especially if used on a regular basis).

The paddle board also has 4 stainless tie-downs for securing gear whilst paddling.

For some reason, this inflatable stand up paddle board does not come supplied with a paddle, but there are many paddles available on the market. If you want a strong, carbon fiber paddle that will last you a lifetime, take a look at the Greco surf Adjustable Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle, otherwise an aluminium paddle such as the Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by Bullet Proof Surf will more than get you started.


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This board is designed to be paddled on lakes or in small surf. It is not designed for experienced users who want to perform advance manoeuvres. If you are happy paddling around the lake, or catching small waves at your local beach break, then this inflatable paddle board is perfectly fine for you.

This board will comfortably hold 250lbs (113kgs).

If you are looking to use this board for SUP Yoga, you may find it is a little under-spec’ed (unless you are small). The Keeper 10’6″ sports stand up paddle board may be better suited.


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Brand info

Solstice paddle boards supply all manner of water craft, from surfboards to SUPs. They are located in Tampa, Florida, and you can check out their website here:



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This inflatable stand up paddle board is competitively priced at under $500. For the latest price information, please check Amazon.


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This paddle board is inflatable, so it can be stored almost anywhere.

Easy to transport, with no roof racks required.

4 stainless tie-downs for securing gear.


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Does not come with a paddle.

It can be difficult to put the inflatable stand up paddle board in the bag with the fins attached, once deflated.


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The Solstice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board review Summary

The Solstice Inflatable Stand Up Inflatable Paddle board is an affordable paddle board that would suit most casual user’s requirements. It is not designed for large surf, but if you are looking to do some flat water paddle boarding, or even catch some small beach breaks whilst on vacation, then this should tick all the boxes for a paddle board under $500.