Top 5 reasons to try Paddle Boarding this summer



As the days start to grow longer, and the sun gets to that temp where you want to start visiting local beaches/lakes, there shouldn’t be any excuse to not try paddle boarding, but if you do need further encouragement, read on!


1Top reason to try paddle boarding #1: It gets you fit! A good session on a stand up paddle board will provide you a full body workout like you’ve never had before. Normally dormant muscles will be called into action to keep you constantly steady, and your core will thanks you for it later!


2Top reason to try paddle boarding #2: It gets you outdoors! There are many fitness activities out there ,but not many that really gets you into the outdoors like stand up paddle boarding. Depending on your location, you could be paddle boarding through pristine lakes, or with dolphins in the local harbour. You can’t beat being outdoors on thee water on a beautiful day!


3Top reason to try paddle boarding #3: It is great for wellness, stress and very calming. As you paddle along amongst nature, you’ll find your body goes into a relaxed state, becoming one with your surroundings. It sounds hokey, I know, but trust us when we say you’ll feel much more relaxed once you get off a paddle board after a good paddle session.


4Top reason to try paddle boarding #4: Travel. Once you’ve mastered stand up paddle boarding, you’ll find you want to check out other great paddle boarding spots around the country (and World) to try your new-found skills.


5Top reason to try paddle boarding #5: Take it as far as you want. Although many of us are content to use stand up paddle boarding as a way to keep fit on our time off, you can carry it further by entering professional paddle board races, where there is a chance to win some serious money, medals and accolades.