iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board is designed to get you up to speed in the water in minimal time. Read on to find out more!

iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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An Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (iSUP) is great for those who may have difficulty lifting rigid boards on or off their vehicles, and/or transporting to and from the water. They’re also great for storing on a boat or in a holiday home.

The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board is aimed at intermediate to advanced paddlers, and is another quality product from iRocker.

It has Solid construction, and is very stable for a “sport” model in calm water (in saying this, it’s not as stable as an “all round” paddle board, such as the iRocker Inflatable ALL-AROUND Stand Up Paddle Board, due to its streamlined design). It also tracks well in a straight line.

This iSUP is made with Triple Layer Military Grade Drop Stitch Material, giving this board the ability to withstand impacts from accidental drops.

The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board does tends to float higher than a rigid board, which may require some getting used to.

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The boards dimensions are 11 feet (11′) long, by 30 inches (30″) wide. It’s six inches (6″) thick. iRocker also sell a 10 foot model if that’s more preferable.

The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board weighs in at 28 lbs, with the complete paddle board kit – stored in the included backpack – weighing 38.1 lbs.

This board can handle a maximum weight of up to 350lbs, but iRocker suggests that for a single user, 280lbs or under is optimal.

The board inflates to 15 psi. Like most inflatable paddle boards, the psi gauge on the pump won’t register as inflating until you’ve added approx. 7 psi (roughly 100-130 pumps) into the board. iRocker mention it should only take around 150-180 pumps to inflate to 15 psi.

The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board seems to perform best in calm flat conditions. It’s not really designed for surfing, and some have commented that it does not perform great in choppy conditions.

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The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board comes with:

  • Aluminum FLOATING Paddle (Adjusts from 63 to 85 inches)
  • High Pressure or High Capacity Dual Action Hand Pump with Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • backpack with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Removable center fin
  • Repair kit
  • 9 D-rings for storage
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty on all Workmanship and Materials

The included adjustable paddle floats.

The board comes with 9 D-rings – 4 up front, 4 in the middle and 1 on the tail. These can be used to store food, water, clothing, or to attach a leg leash if desired.

You can also attach a kayak seat to the D-rings. In fact, iRocker has a generic seat that will fit perfectly (ASIN B017QIV82C ).

The centre fin is detachable, but the two side fins remain attached to the paddle board.

The repair kit comes with a valve tightening wrench and repair patches.

The deck of the iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board is durable enough to allow for your pet pooch to enjoy a paddle too. Just be sure to keep them still – as soon as they try to move around, you may find yourself in the water!

There have been mixed reports in relation to the ability to perform yoga on this paddle board. Theoretically it is wide enough to perform the moves, so we would presume it’s down to the individuals skill level.

The board is easily stored and transported when not in use. We know of one purchaser who carried two of them on a plane from the USA to Australia without issue!

iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Pros and cons


  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • All accessories included


  • Strong smell when first unpacked (due to being stored from initial manufacture to purchase)
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iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board Summary

The iRocker SPORT Inflatable Paddle Board is a lightweight, portable iSUP that can be purchased at a competitive price. It’s not really aimed at beginners, but in saying that, it shouldn’t take long for anyone to master this iSUP.

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