The Aqua Marina SPK 2 Inflatable 10′ 10″ Stand Up Paddle Board




It seems that since we reviewed the Aqua Marine SPK 1 paddle board, a newer model has been released – The Aqua Marine SPK 2.


The Aqua Marine SPK 2 is very similar to the SPK 1, but has different dimensions. They are:

  • Length: 10 feet 10 inches (10′ 10″)
  • Width: 30 inches (30″)
  • Thickness: 4 inches (4″)


As you can see, the SPK 2 is basically a foot longer that the SPK 1, and can now hold a weight limit of up to 255 pounds (115 kg). The length of this boards makes it easier to paddle for those new to stand up paddle boarding.


Aqua Marine seems to be including the same set of accessories for both paddle boards, and the board performs much the same way as the SPK 1, which you can read all about at our Aqua Marine SPK 1 review.