Greco The Ark SUP Stand Up Paddle board with Carbon Fiber Paddle review


It’s not often that a soft stand up paddle board will attract my attention, but the Greco’s The Ark SUP has done that by providing good value for money, and some excellent specs.


If you don’t have time to read this full review, take a look at our Greco The Ark SUP Stand Up Paddle board video review.


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This Greco stand up paddle board is designed for those new to paddle boarding, or those that want a bit of extra buoyancy whilst out on the water. You could easily have two people (of average weight) paddling together on The Ark SUP. It features a foam-based construction method, and comes complete with Carbon fiber paddle!


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The Ark SUP is 11 feet (11’) long, by 31.5” inches (31.5”) wide. It is 4 ¾ inches (4 3/4’) thick, but as it is made using a combination of foam and epoxy, only weighs 28 lbs (12.7 kg). This is definitely a large paddle board, but feels quite light under foot.


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This stand up paddle board is made predominantly out of high density foam, and has a High Density Soft IXPE Deck. The core is made from EPS, and the bottom of the board is constructed using High-density polyethylene (HDPE).

This stand up paddle board also has three stringers – made from durable Birch wood – built into the board. These stringers make The Ark SUP much stronger than other typical “foam” paddle boards.

The board, once constructed, is heat sealed together, which means there are no seams to let any water in – another great idea for this type of board.

Another interesting thing to note about this Greco stand up paddle board is that the rails (the side of the paddle board) are 50/50. For the most part, foam boards dispenses with even doing anything with the rails, so to see rails that are consistently rounded is great. The entry rocker (the front curvature of the board) has also been tweaked, to allow for a better glide (or entry into waves, if you want to try surfing on it).

Please note the board is quite soft, so we would not recommend using it if you want to take your dog out for a paddle session!


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As this is a foam-based stand up paddle board, you won’t be doing any crazy stunts in the surf, but you can still catch small waves using The Ark SUP. It really works well when in open water, such as lakes, and is really great for long distance paddling. The foam outer shell makes it comfortable to be on your feet for an extended time, whilst paddling.


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The Ark SUP has everything you need to start paddle boarding, and even includes a lightweight Carbon Fiber paddle! These type of paddles are generally more expensive than aluminum ones, but are much stronger and lighter – and they float! We generally recommend that those new to paddle boarding invest in a Carbon Fiber paddle, so it’s great that it comes included with The Ark SUP.

The paddle is called “Staff of Moses”, and is extendable from 67 inches (67”) through to 87 inches (87”). It weighs in at 1.6 lbs (approx. 70 gms), and the blade size 16.5 inches (16.5″) x 8.5 inches (8.5″). The palm grip is adjustable to suit different hands.

You also get a leash and nine inch (9”) fin as part of the package, but will need to purchase your own deck pad (or use surf wax).

A carry handle is built into the paddle board deck.




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Brand information

Greco surfboards, who have created The Ark SUP, are located on the East Coast, USA, and are well known in the surfing industry as manufacturers of quality soft boards, ranging from shortboards through to longboards and paddle boards. Greco stand up paddle boards, as well as their other products, are made to a very high standard.

Greco also run the Da G Surf Ministry, which supplies food, clothing, and surf gear to third world countries.


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Pros and cons

  • Comes with an excellent Carbon Fiber paddle
  • Very light for its size
  • Quite durable

  • Foam can feel “floaty” underfoot
  • No deck pad included



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To buy a quality stand up paddle board for beginner/intermediate level, that also includes a Carbon Fiber paddle, for under $700 is rare these days, and makes The Ark SUP even more an enticing purchase. There is a small charge for postage, but is nothing really when you consider the size of the package.


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The Ark SUP Soft Paddle board Summary

If you’re looking to get into stand up paddle boarding, you could do a lot worse than The Ark SUP. It is light, stable, and surprisingly maneuverable. The inclusion of a Carbon Fiber paddle is a definite plus, and other than it feeling softer underfoot, works just as well as most other SUPs we’ve reviewed. This Greco stand up paddle board is worth a look!


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