Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP Review



Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards (SUPs) have opened the sport up to many people who may not have normally been able to try this exciting sport, due to either transportation limitations (try carting a SUP on a bus!) or not having available storage options.

Inflatable SUPs have had a reputation in the past of not being as good as regular fiberglass models, but this latest model from Tower is set to take inflatable SUPs to the next level!


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If you don’t have time to read our full  review, why not view the Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP video review?




The Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP measures in at nine foot, ten inches (9’10”). While this is not particularly long for a stand up paddle board, it more than makes up for it in width at thirty two inches (32”), and a thickness of six inches (6”). These dimensions will enable you to easily keep your balance, whilst being able to steer the board with minimal difficulty.

This stand up paddle board is extremely rigid,and has a weight limit of 400 lbs (181 kgs) on the water. When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a regular fibreglass board. It can be inflated up to 25 PSI, but can feel very stiff – 10-11 PSI is the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The board has a nose rocker of 4 inches (4”), which means the curvature of the nose from the board deck angles up to this height, allowing you to glide easily across the water.

The boards volume is unknown, but is approx. 300 liters.


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The Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP is made from Military-grade PVC material, with heavy-duty drop-stitch construction throughout. This paddle board should withstand most knocks associated with paddle boarding, whereas fibreglass boards are prone to dings and board cracks. Obviously, care is needed around sharp objects. If you plan to take the dog for a paddle around the lake, take care to tape the board deck up so pooches nails don’t go through the surface!


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The most obvious feature of this stand up paddle board is that it is inflatable. As mentioned above, those that do not have much space to store a full-sized paddle board will be glad to know it can roll up into a duffle bag not much more than a foot long, and 33 inches wide.

The portability of this board Is excellent – you could easily take this with you on holidays, without it taking much room in the car (or bus).

The Tower Inflatable SUP comes with a 2 year warranty, for peace of mind. This covers pretty much everything other than general wear and tear. Great for those that worrying an inflatable SUP could be prone to punctures.


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The package also includes a manual hand pump, and a 3-piece aluminium paddle. The paddle will suit most conditions, but many stand up paddle boarders upgrade to the much stronger carbon fiber paddle. These do cost more, but are much stronger and will not bend or snap. They also float, which is definitely as bonus!

You also get a diamond grooved deck pad (with a rear kick tail, for all you wanting to try some surfing tricks!), removable center fin, a hand hold strap, a roll-up carrying strap, a towing ring on the nose, and a leash attachment ring on the tail, but you will need to buy a leash to keep you and the board from drifting apart should you fall in the water.


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The Tower Adventurer is designed for beginner to intermediate level, although anyone can have fun with this inflatable SUP, if they require a board that does not take up too much space, as compared to an equivalent fibreglass model. Due to the width and height of this board, i wouldn’t be expecting to do much beach surfing where the waves are more than a couple of feet.


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Brand information

Tower is a stand up paddle board manufacturer located in San Diego. They offer direct pricing on their stand up paddle boards, inflatable SUPs and accessories, making their products cheaper in price, but not in quality. Customers can visit their store in San Diego, where they can participate in stand up paddle board lessons, or hire one of the Tower paddle boards for a try.




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At the time of this review, the price was under $600, which is an excellent price point for this type of inflatable paddle board. Free shipping is also included in the price.


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  • The quality of Tower  paddle board products is generally of a very high standard, and this product is no different. If you want a stand up paddle board, but don’t have the room for a fibreglass/EPS paddle board, then this inflatable SUP could well be your answer!
  • This inflatable SUP rolls up to the size of a small duffle bag.
  • 2 year warranty


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  • The pressure gauge on the pump does not always register the correct psi. If you are using a pump other than the one supplied, you may need to be careful about over-inflating the board.
  • The paddle does not float. As mentioned above, most people who own aluminium paddles eventually upgrade to the more popular carbon fibre paddle. Due to this paddle being metal, make sure to rinse off after using in salt water to prevent corrosion.
  • No leash


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Tower Adventurer 9’10” inflatable SUP Summary

The Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP is an excellent option for those wanting to get fitter – or to try a new activity – using a stand up paddle board. By being inflatable, it also means less space is required to store or transport the board. Although not really aimed at the advanced paddle boarder, those wanting to learn to paddle board – or those wanting to keep a SUP at their holiday home – should take a closer look at the Tower inflatable SUP.



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